About Quantum Leap

Quantum Leap is a cloud-based software company that provides an easy to implement control center for business content and files.  Quantum Library File Sharing solution makes it easy for internal teams, partners, customers and colleagues to work together and access the files they need in order to achieve critical business goals.

Founded in 2006, Quantum Leap is a privately-held, female-led company that serves thousands of global customers from offices in the U.S. In addition to Quantum Library File Sharing, Quantum Leap provides these solutions to address the ongoing management of content:

Quantum Workspace An online ‘master control center’ where teams can create, control & update  simultaneously across all web, mobile, app, social and print/PDF communications.

Quantum Translation Management:   A comprehensive platform where you can manage translations and automatically update any channel or communication in every language.  Even localize product offerings by market.

Quantum Leap Visison

To empower customers to manage content from one master control center across all teams, devices, solutions, communications, markets and languages.

Quantum Leap Mission

Provide the technology, leadership and support to ensure our customers compete effectively in a complex, global marketplace.