August 2013: Quantum Library File Sharing Desktop App Available for Download

Customers using Quantum Library File Sharing can now synchronize their files to the desktop of all devices, ensuring access to files from home or office. In addition, files can be uploaded directly from your desktop to Quantum Library. The Desktop App makes it convenient to share files links directly from your desktop with Outlook integration.

March 2013: Translation Management Solution Launched

Quantum Leap launched its Translation Management Solution, developed for multi-national customers to manage human and automated translation workflow. Companies using Translation Management can send content in English to external translators or integrate with translation automation. Translated content is then forwarded to internal reviewers. Approved content is published live to websites, portals, mobile sites, e-literature and sales support materials automatically.

The new solution from Quantum Leap enables companies to manage language versions globally as well as products offered in each language and global market. For more information or to arrange a demo, contact

January 2013: Quantum Leap Launches API for Product Data

Product information and associated files can now be pulled into other projects, tools or software using Quantum Leap APIs. This new ‘plug-in’ enables companies to manage their content—both files and product information—from one ‘master control center’. Simultaneous updates of company websites, portals, mobile sites, web PDFs and sales support materials are made by uploading new files or editing production information in Quantum leap.

Quantum Leap APIs connect your content with legacy tools, existing business solutions, ERP systems and databases to provide optimal flexibility and cost efficiency in managing your content globally.

November 2012: Library Search Enhancements

Enhanced search allows you to conduct full text search of most any file including PDFs, in addition to searching by file name, ID number and attributes.