QuantumGlobalization WorkspaceTM

A comprehensive platform where you can manage translations and automatically update any channel or communication in any language. Even localize product offerings by market.

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Files and product info in every language
Manage human or auto- translation workflow
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Manage and Update all commnication channels & languages simultaneously

Manage translation workflow--

Centralize files & product info in every language

Your team can manage global communications, channels and translation workflow from one easy to use online center.

Edit your content in English to initiate translation workflow. Edits are submitted to human translation partners or automated translation tools, and then submitted to internal reviewers to approve, save and publish to business systems or in respective global sites, sales support, e-literature and web PDFs.

Key Benefit: Empowers teams to manage global communications, channels and translations workflow in one, easy to use online center.

Key Features:

  • Manage and displays content in unlimited languages
  • Embed meta-tags & photo captions in every language and publish to respective site
  • Maintain meta-tags & photo captions when you upload new file version
  • Make edits in English and submit both text and HTML to partners for translation
  • Assign translation partners and internal reviewers for each language
  • Dashboard provides visibility to all translations in progress by product, brand or division
  • Control & select products offered in each global market and language