An online ‘master control center’ from which you centralize, control and update product and sales information everywhere, simultaneously.

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Centralize files

Photos, graphics, sales support and more

Quantum Workspace centralizes your files. From here you can share files securely and publish files across all channels. So, for example, when you need to update a product image or technical drawing, just upload the new version and all sites and catalog or sales sheet PDFs are simultaneously updated.

Key Benefit: Provide sales teams, channel partners and customers with up-to-date product images, technical drawings and product literature everywhere.

Key Features:

  • Converts file format & resolution – eliminates the need to manage multiple file versions
  • Re-size photos and graphics automatically for the communication or channel
  • Embed photo captions and meta-tags to display with your image and aid search engine optimization
  • Centralize & publish any file type

Centralize product information

Features & benefits, specs & more

From Quantum Workspace, you have visibility and control over all product information. Enter or upload specs, technical notes, caution warnings, related products & accessories, comparison charts, installation & operation information and more. Organize products by category, model, name and number. Virtually any information about your products can be centralized, easily updated and then published across all websites and print materials.

Key Benefit: Sales teams, channel partners and end customers can access accurate, up-to-date product information everywhere.

Key Features:

  • Create one-source-of-the-truth for all product information
  • Organize product info in a structure familiar to you and your organization
  • Easily assign Related files such as photos, technical drawings, graphics, literature, videos and to products
  • Integrate product files and information to websites and print material for efficient, simultaneous updates

Plug-in product information to websites & systems

With files and product info centralized and under your control, you can now plug-in content to any of your websites or business software. From your Quantum Workspace, you can even control which content is published to a specific site.

Key Benefit: Simply edit product information or upload a new photo and content is updated everywhere, simultaneously. Increases your speed to market and ensures accurate, consistent information is available to sales teams, channel partners and customers.

Key Feature:

  • API’s enable you to feed ‘always accurate’ product information to your current solutions including SaleseForce, Sharepoint and CMS tools
  • Control vendor access to your content through API authentication keys managed within your Quantum Workspace
  • Flexibility to map different content combinations and layouts for websites, mobile sites, apps sales support/e-literature and social media